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A gentle body scrub that exfoliates and refines the skin.

Sometimes a simple body wash is just not enough. Our body go through a lot during the day, and deserve the royal treatment once in a while (or every day!). Try throwing this solid body scrub into the mix to give your body a solid exfoliation session. Formulated with pulverized walnut shells, this scrub detoxifies the skin and sloughs dead skin cells, revealing refined, radiant skin. Dull, lifeless-looking skin will be visibly brighter instantly and only improve in appearance over time and with continuous use. So keep scrubbing!


  • 90% of women saw smoother texture in skin
  • 96.4% showed marked improvement in stomach contours
  • 89.3% of participants showed increased firmness within 8 weeks of product use
  • 89.3% reported more supple skin
  • 92.9% confirmed slimmer results


  • 100% of participants reported increased smoothness in 4 weeks 
  • Contour results in 4 weeks of 88.5%
  • 88.5% noticed firmer thighs in only 4 weeks
  • 100% of participants reported enhanced skin slasticity
  • 92.3% at 4 weeks with 22.4% increase at 8 weeks



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