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Get That Healthy Glowy Skin in Winter

The harsh temperatures and billowing wind in winter might make your skin look depressing, but there are plenty of ways to ward off that flaking skin, staticky hair and dull complexion.
Besides drinking loads of water, which we all know is a “secret” to Jennifer Aniston’s perfect glowy skin, we have rounded up a few here to help you achieve that dewy look (whilst writing up post-it notes: sip on the H2O).

1. Layer on Luxurious Face and Body Oils
Oil is not simply a buzzword in the beauty world, its natural properties can keep your skin
moisturized, smooth and glowing without any undesirable slimy residue. Face and body oils
are one of the holy grail categories in the blossoming clean beauty scene as they don’t
contain a laundry list of harsh chemical ingredients. Generously packed with antioxidants,
natural essential oils and protective benefits, they are great for targeting different skin
problems, such as fighting breakouts, reducing wrinkles and repairing damaged skin.

2. Upgrade to Moisturising Shower Creams
Your summer cooling shower gel might remind you of beach season all year round but they
tend to strip your skin of its natural oils. Swap out your shower gel with an intensely
moisturizing shower cream or shea butter bar soap that scream winter vibes.
3. Moisturise Immediately After Your Shower
Once you step out of the shower, towel off gently in a dabbing motion and massage a rich
body cream or butter all over. Moisturising your skin immediately after your shower can seal
the dampness and keep your skin hydrated all day. Choosing the right moisturizer is just as
important, it’s time to toss those convenient spray-on lotions and stock up on heavy-duty
body creams for that luxurious glow.

4. Opt for Serums
This time of the year is when your skin needs strengthening and glow-building the most.
Serums are great for the freezing winter weather as their lightweight texture allows
moisturizers to sit comfortably on top without feeling heavy or sticky. Serums not only help
with locking in hydration, they also provide a boost of nutrients to the skin. Choose a
moisture packed formula loaded with vitamins and active ingredients which penetrate deep
into the skin at a cellular level.

5. Instantly Brighten Your Skin with Illuminator
We all want to brighten that dull complexion in the storm season without caking on chunky
glitters (unless you’re going all in for a Princess Ariel look). Bring some subtle shimmer to
your complexion by prepping your skin with illuminators. A drop of illuminator goes a long
way, it gives your face shape and dimensions whilst creating a strobing effect. Apply
generously all over the face before foundation or use as a highlighter on top of your base
makeup. We love to dab a little Lumier Creme Liquid Highlighter on top of the cheekbones,
brow bones, bridge of the nose and eyelids to mimic the natural dewiness you get in the
summer. For the holiday party season, press on a cream highlight to bake in the glow - you
have all the excuses to get those light bulb cheeks.